Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTT effective by Skype or Zoom?

Yes, RTT has been proven to work just as well by Skype or Zoom. It is important you make sure you are prepared for your Zoom session ahead of time. I will be sending you an email link that will connect you to our session before the designated time. You will need to be sitting in a comfortable place such as a couch or soft chair. Having a place to set your computer up in front of you for the session is essential. I recommend placing your computer or laptop on a TV table in front or you. Sitting at your desk is fine if you have a comfortable desk chair. You will need to ensure that your computer is fully charged and plugged in before your session.. In the event of a connection issue, you will become fully alert and we will reconnect, begin again with a short induction, and continue our session.

Is there scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of hypnotherapy?

YES! Here are just a few links for you to access some of the evidence for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as demonstrated by recent scientific studies.

How is RTT different from traditional hypnotherapy?

RTT is a unique approach developed by Marisa Peer after over 35 years of clinical success as Britain's #1 psychotherapist. There simply is nothing else out there like RTT. With this unique approach I use regression to help you find the root cause of you issues and what is holding you back from achieving the peace you desire in your life. After working together to get to the root of your issues, I have several unique and highly effective techniques to transform your issue, beliefs, and subconscious program so you can truly overcome your issue/s and start living the life you truly desire.

What can I expect during a session?

Before your session, you will have a free 20min consultation where we can discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your session. Your scheduled session will be around 90-120 minutes, with some sessions occasionally going shorter or longer. The length of your session in based on your needs. I begin each session with a gentle hypnotic induction where I will help you achieve a highly relaxed, state of internal awareness. This state allows access to your subconscious mind. Next, through a series of strategic questioning, I help you find the root cause of your issue and the beliefs that your mind created surrounding these events that are now causing your issue. We work together to explore and develop an understanding of how and why you developed the problems you have today. Once this understanding is gained, we will be able to reprogram and condition the mind towards a new set of beliefs that empower you to overcome your issue/s and achieve what you really want. After your session, I create an individualized self-hypnosis audio you will listen to everyday for 21 days to complete the process of setting to rest the subconscious road blocks and transforming your beliefs and mindset toward a better future.

Will I be unconscious?

No, you will be in a highly relaxed state, but you will be aware of what is going on around you.

What if I cannot be hypnotized?

People enter into hypnotic states on 3 levels: light, moderate, and heavy. For RTT, it is not necessary for you to enter into a deep hypnotic state. I use a very light hypnotic state for your session and I achieve excellent results. Everyone is capable of achieving this light state of hypnosis. In fact, you naturally go in and out of this light hypnotic state several times in your day as you become intensely absorbed in task, as you mindlessly drive home after work, as you watch television, or as you drift off to sleep.

Can you make me do anything I am uncomfortable with?

Absolutely not! This is a common fear that people have, but it is unfounded. If this were true hypnotists all over the world would be rich by manipulating their clients to give give them money and buy them luxury items. During hypnosis you cannot be made to or think anything that is contrary to your own morality. Unfortunately stage hypnotists have given a false impression of what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is all about. These are showman and not hypnotherapists who are trained to use hypnotherapy to help clients solve problems. Unfortunately this has given hypnosis a bad name with some people.

What if I am uncomfortable sharing something that is revealed during my regression?

It is not necessary for you to share painful memories/events that come up during your session. What is important is the feeling or belief that your mind developed as a result of this event. You are at liberty to withhold any details of trauma or painful memories that surface and your session will still be effective and transformational. You will not be asked to re-live or re-experience memories in traumatic detail. We use hypnotic regression only to gather information that helps us determine the root cause of your issue so we can begin the transformation process.

What is my role during my RTT session?

It is necessary to allow yourself to relax and participate in the session. If you have concerns or fears regarding hypnotherapy, please discuss these with me during your free introductory consultation. I want you to feel confident, relaxed, and ready for transformation.

What happens if I do not listen to my recording?

It is necessary to listen to your recording for at least 21 days after your session. Failure to do so will severely limit the effectiveness of your therapy. In order to for new neuroconnections to become fully developed in your brain, rewiring you toward new beliefs and behaviors, it is necessary for you to listen to your audio each day.

Do you protect my confidentiality?

Yes, the information you share with me before, during, and after your session will NEVER be shared with anyone. All of your personal information, client paperwork, etc is stored in such a way to ensure complete compliance with US privacy laws.

Are life coaching sessions available after my session if I feel I want additional help?

As a Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant I am happy to offer you additional coaching/consulting services you require in accordance with my areas of expertise. It is important to note that I am not a licensed mental health counselor or physician. If you require treatment for a mental health condition or physical illness, please seek out the advice of a qualified medical professional.