• Tiffani Cappello CHt, CLC

The Unwinnable Game

We can turn our own lives into an unwinnable game. We do this by placing external

requirements on our own happiness.

“I will be happy when… “

“ I can’t be happy if… “

We are always telling ourselves that happiness is “out there “. Just out of our reach.

It is a sad delusion. The truth is that you cannot live a life you love where you are at right now. Enjoying every step of the journey on the way to where you are going.

When you put conditions on your own happiness- you are creating your own unhappiness. And even when you obtain that what you are striving for, you will always be filled with anxiety over it’s potential loss.

 The truth is that you already possess what you were looking for at the core of who you are.

Transforming yourself and your life begins first on the inside - realizing what you already possess and learning the Core Life Principles that’s set transformation in motion.

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