"I tried what seemed like just about everything to overcome my anxiety before I finally tried RTT, which seemed totally out of the box and out of my comfort zone. But Tiffani did what no other doctor or medication was able to do for me. I seriously cannot recommend her or this therapy enough! Absolutely changed my life and outlook for the better!"

Kelli C.

(Ohio, USA)

In the three hours I spent with Tiffani, we were able to dig deeper than I ever had in two years of counseling. RTT allowed me to be open to the answers that were locked away, even when I was skeptical that they could be reached. Tiffani’s calming presence allowed me to feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Even weeks after our meeting, she reached out to me to make sure everything was going well and to offer support. She truly cares about her clients and it shows. I entered into my RTT meeting cautiously optimistic and walked away impressed at what it was able to do for me. 

Jacki B. 

(Michigan, USA)

I have struggled with OCD, anxiety and depression for the last 15 yrs of my life. I’ve tried many different alternative and traditional therapies but never got the results I longed for and the feeling of inner peace I was hoping for. The last 6 yrs have been unbearable and I have really been struggling to go to work. I was able to function but not at the level I wish. I did not want my mindset to destroy me anymore than it already had. 


 I was referred to Tiffani Cappello and NeuroTrance through a woman that was counseling me. The technique she was using seemed much more advanced than what I was trying and I  reached out to her. After our initial phone conversation, I was definitely on board. She was incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive had amazing intuition. When we had our meeting via computer and I went into hypnosis, I realized right away that Tiffani was tapping into some serious issues that needed to be erased & replaced with self confidence & positivity. The entire session and then recording she custom-made for me really went beyond any expectation I had. It’s like she had revealed the inner me and what was going on in my subconscious mind. I cannot thank Tiffani enough for helping reprogram my negative thinking and for ridding me of the “thought demons” that had been living in my head. Rapid Transformational Therapy greatly changing my life! Tiffani is truly gifted & amazing !!!

Shawn T. (Florida, USA)


(Wales, United Kingdom)

I am still listening to your recording and i am pleased to say my depression/anxiety is so so so much better, non existent at times. Im a better mum now i am totaly sober non drinker now and eating well. Im almost a vegetarian lol and im getting on well with my mum and family. In fact, my whole mindset is shifting. 


(United Kingdom)

Hi Tiffani 

I am still listening to my recording, it's been over 21 days. But it helps me sleep, so I'll keep listening!

The IBS is so much better, so hard for me to believe as I have tried so many things to help and nothing. Even doctors could not help. This RTT is truly a miracle. 


(Florida, USA)

It’s been over a year since I started RTT with Tiffani, and I never thought I would be in the place I am now. Tiffani always believed in me and supported/supports me along this journey. I now see thought patterns before they sneak in and I decide if they are are useful or not. I have trained my brain to believe I can be well and happy. Not only am I well now from pain and fatigue and many symptoms I am living more aware of the real me and living in the moment rather than in my head. What is great is that Tiffani has been through this all herself so just by looking at her life now she inspires you and gives you hope to change your life.