Treatment Policy

I am a Transformational Life Coach and Transformational Hypnotherapist, not a medical doctor nor a mental health practitioner. I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness. The services I render are not a form of health care, psychotherapy, or counseling.

I recommend that you seek medical and/or professional help when appropriate. Hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatments or medications.


I do not treat children or minors without signed consent from parents and a verbal consent from the child. I will only treat children who are willing participants in the therapeutic process. Typically, children who are forced to come to a hypnotherapy session will resist the process, generally rendering it ineffective.


I require payment in full prior to each session. Because I understand that emergencies and illness will sometimes occur, you will receive a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. No shows for appointments will be charged.


Be available and prompt on your session time/date. You will be scheduled for 2-3 hours depending, someone else may be scheduled after your appointment. If you are not available or are late for your appointment, your session may have to be cut short, rendering it less effective.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe, non-invasive, and highly transformational modality. However hypnotherapy is not for everyone. If you have a history of the following:

·        Seizure disorder/history of seizures/taking seizure medication

·        Multiple personality disorder/Dissociative disorder

·        Schizophrenic disorders

·        Psychosis

If you suffer from one of these disorders, it is recommended you seek hypnotherapy services ONLY from a qualified medical doctor or psychiatrist only.